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Best Limo Ride Ever: Our Top Ten Limo Tips

Shop around – but shop for service, not price. Most limo companies prices are very similar. Shopping for price is mostly a waste of your time as the industry is highly competitive. Instead, shop for how professionally you are treated on the phone, and how close what they have is to what you need. Phone treatment is an excellent predictor of limo treatment.

Get the detail on the limousines. Any limo company offering unusually low prices likely has the oldest vehicles. New vehicles cost more and have better features and luxury. Ask about the specific vehicles the company offers, and how old these limousines are.

Form a group. The more people who share a limo, the lower the price per person. If you're meeting up with some other couples or friends – the limo can easily make a single or multiple pickup.

Ask about alcohol in the limo. Depending on your state or country, you may be able to enjoy a cocktail in the limousine within reason. Don't expect it to be a wild scene out of “American Pie”, limo drinking should be appropriate.

Limos can keep you safe. Avoid drunk driving on your wild evenings with a touch of class. The cost of even the best limo is exponentially less than a drunk driving or DUI ticket, not to mention the safety issues to yourself and others.

Consider an SUV limo. One of the most popular limo types today are Hummer limos. They are unusual; eye-catching; and even safer. Hummer SUV limos do usually entail significantly higher cost.

Think about a “party bus” for large groups. If you are getting ready for a prom or group event – a large group of your friends can rent a huge party bus for much less than you might think per person. If one person can organize the group, and keep the size within the party bus limit (typically 30 people), it's a great option for safety, convenience, and luxury.

Try a limo for airport service. No dealing with annoying rental cars or finding hotels in strange cities. With a group of 3-4 – the cost per person for a limo transfer or airport shuttle can be minimal – yet a huge convenience.

Take car of your limo driver. He or she is working for tips, plus minimal pay. They want to take care of you and build a repeat customer. If you like the service – tip accordingly and you'll be surprised some of the secrets you might find.

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